Healthcare Investment Portfolio | Concord Health Partners
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Portfolio Companies

Mednition, Inc.


Mednition is a clinical decision support company focused on delivering real-time machine learning-powered guidance to emergency healthcare providers, improving patient care with fewer errors, greater efficiency and reduced costs. Mednition’s flagship solution, KATE, is an emergency department acuity assessment that alerts triage nurses to anomalies in the care that merit a second look. KATE delivers clinically accurate Emergency Severity Index triage predictions by analyzing free text and vital information upon patient admission into the emergency department. Mednition has been able to quantify the value of their KATE offering with the potential to improve triage accuracy by 26.9% for every patient presenting at the emergency department and up to 93.2% for high acuity patients.

VitalTech Holdings, Inc.


VitalTech is an innovative remote patient monitoring and digital health company that has developed medical grade biosensors integrated into a suite of easy-to-use wireless mobile devices and software services. VitalTech also developed a digital health platform that simplifies workflows and supports connected care through remote patient monitoring. VitalTech’s mission is to change lives through unprecedented innovation that informs, engages and empowers patients and caretakers to better manage health, fitness, and personal well-being.

MIVI Neuroscience, Inc.


MIVI Neuroscience is a medical device company focused on developing and commercializing superior clinical solutions for neuro-interventional procedures. MIVI’s product portfolio provides physicians with innovative tools for endovascular stroke therapy procedures designed to help improve outcomes, shorten procedure times and make treatment available to potentially more patients by providing easier access to difficult to treat smaller vessels in the brain.

Flexwise Health, Inc.


Flexwise is a technology-enabled business support services company with an on-demand staffing platform that provides healthcare organizations with direct access to fully-vetted healthcare professionals available on a flexible basis.

Proton Therapy Partners


Proton Therapy Partners is a specialty healthcare service provider focused on partnering with local healthcare providers to offer much-needed, life-changing proton therapy to cancer patients through an efficient, cost-effective model.